The Impact of Social Media on Your SEO

The Impact of Social Media on Your SEO

Social media is a tool that is often used as a platform to advertise as well as communicate with your consumers. But social media also has an indirect impact on your website’s SEO. Here are the impacts that you can get from social media on your seo services.

1. Social Media Profile Will Get Ranking in Search Results

Your social media profile can also influence SEO, by appearing in search results, especially in branded search results, moreover on the start page. In addition to your SEO, social media profiles can also increase the branding of your business. By appearing on the start page, your brand will be more exposed. You can also see ratings and snippets from reviews of your business. By visiting your profile, visitors can get to know your brand more closely while also getting to know the personality of your brand.

2. Increase the Reach of Social Media

As a channel, social media is a good tool to increase the reach of your content. Usually, people will find your content by searching through search engines with a relevant keyword. A wider range of content will bring good quality traffic, which will certainly affect your SEO. When someone shares your content on social media, a chain will be formed where your content will always be shared. That way your content will appear in the featured snippet there are certain keywords. Especially if there is influence from social media influencers.

3. Bring traffic

Traffic is one of the factors that you want to get from SEO. Social media can bring traffic by increasing the visibility of the various content that you have served. One of the advantages of social media is how easy your content is to be shared, through social media your content will have a wider reach. This advantage comes together with the availability of various platforms that can be used as a medium for broadcasting your content whether in the form of images or even videos.

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Find Best SEO Services in India

Find Best SEO Services in India

An SEO company can enhance the visibility of a website by targeting the potential customers. There is a fierce competition between the companies in the market and every business is focusing on the services to lead its competitors. This is because not only cheaper to progress and maintain the internet businesses but also can save on rent and upkeep of a real office or shop. It only needs fewer workers who can reduce costs and expand the scope of the firm which is no longer remains local but takes the world into your hands.

But to make this work is not enough to get a good website designed and developed by professionals, which is a one-time effort but also get search engine optimization. It needs a highly technical task and laborious.

Many SEO services that can do the work for you but to find the best SEO services, you must look for several criteria and compare them with others. Website development can be made from anywhere, and some experts of web developer in a country across the globe can understand the demands of your business and create a website for you that works as per your expectations. It is recommended to have a local seo expert services. Hence if you live in India, the best SEO services will be suitable for you than any other. In fact, many businesses that serve for SEO services and do good jobs for abroad clients. They can do so because of their experiences and expertise.

For a local business with local clients, it may not be a good idea to show their business to the whole world, or maybe the products or services offered are local in nature then SEO has to be specifically to cater to increase the local traffic rather than from across the world.

The company which providing best SEO services can give practical solutions that are suited for all kind of business website and increase substantially the traffic and also improve ranking on the search result of popular search engines.

Why the best SEO companies take time getting Results

Some business owners may be concerned they won’t get a good value when they sign up with a reputable SEO firm. However, SEO businesses that are worth will take their time for studying search engine page rankings. This is because they need to understand the competition from other SEO companies and elsewhere if they are going to provide you with optimum results.

Obtaining good ranking results takes time. This is why a good SEO company knows that competitive SEO companies may receive the results on the first few pages of Google for a little while, but good SEO companies study their competition using specific tools and analysis. In many markets, competitors have been competing for quite some time and use a multi-varied approach.

Getting links takes Time

Whether you are getting links, through a pay-per-click method, paying them, trading them, or building up links with your content, good SEO takes time. It takes time for company or person to establish themselves as an authority. For your website to do well, you need tens of thousands of links and this takes the time to acquire and build.

This is why having a professional SEO company that can launch SEO link-building campaigns can boost your website. This is why business owners need good quality content blogs and web pages with images. Take your time. If you get links too quickly, Google has gotten better at weeding out ‘link spam.’ If you get too many links in a short amount of time, you may open the door for a manual review of your website and a penalty from Google. If you are using techniques designed to get links overnight, this may be detrimental to your operations.

Above all, fine-tune your process. Good SEO takes work, and no process is perfect. This is why good SEO companies will work with you to ensure that your website is performing at a level and degree you are comfortable and happy with. They can also quickly make changes to adjust and get you where you want to be in the page rankings.

SEO Case Study – Ranking Micro Niche Site

SEO Case Study – Ranking Micro Niche Site

Hi, as promised. Today I will reveal to you a full SEO case study for our brand new niche site, the site is this one: http://www.bowfrontaquarium.net

I want to keep this case study simple and easy to understand. Currently, this site rank in the top 3 for it’s main keyword: Bow Front Aquarium. Let’s take a look at the ranking history for this site:

rank history

You will notice that, after we start building the PBN backlinks to this site, the ranking is almost immediately increased and it only took us around 1 month for this site to get into the top 3 for it’s main keyword after we have built these PBN backlinks.

1. Website Creation and On-Page SEO

We use a similar niche site creation method like the one that we use in our Site BOLT service. We also try to follow the On-Page SEO factors that we have shared in this guide: http://www.impowerhouse.com/blog/100/page-seo-2015/

This site have 30+ indexed pages, have long articles in the homepage, no duplicate contents and also good keyword density. We haven’t put any affiliate links yet in this site since our focus is to rank this site first before doing any kind of monetization. We will put affiliate links in the near future and will update this case study again with the site’s monthly earnings.

2. Link Building Part 1 – Anchor Text Diversification

The first step of the link building would be building a few hundreds links using a very diverse anchor text variation. This is very important for new site like this so it can survive the Google Penguin update. We follow the method that is shared in this post to do anchor text diversification: http://www.impowerhouse.com/blog/87/perfect-anchor-text-optimization/

We use SEO Maximus service to do this since this service make this job much more easier and automated. I set up two campaign for this site, one Thunder A and one Volcano B and alternate these daily like the screenshot below (this will cost $60/mo in SEO Maximus credits):

seo maximus campaign

We also use a very diverse anchor text in both of these campaigns and set the main keyword anchor text ratio to 5% or lower. After a few hundreds links is detected in backlinks checker like ahrefs.com or Majestic SEO (this usually take one month by using SEO Maximus), we then move to the next step of the link building.

Note: by using SEO Maximus alone we rank in the page 3 of google for it’s main keyword.

3. Link Building Part 2 – PBN Backlinks

This is the kind of backlinks that will give you a huge ranking boost. After we make sure that we have around 300 backlinks detected in ahrefs.com and have a good anchor text ratio, we then build the PBN backlinks using our Link Azure and Rank Evolve service and focus solely to rank the main keyword. We use around 40 to 50 backlinks from these network, dripped in over 2 weeks and the ranking just keep increasing every single week. Right now this site is in the top 3 of google for it’s main keyword.

All of these PBN backlinks is built using one anchor text, which is the main keyword: Bow Front Aquarium.

4. Conclusion

SEO is still pretty much alive and kicking in 2015. You don’t need to know a lot of tricks to rank in the first page of google, all you need to do is build good anchor text ratio and boost the main keywords using quality high PR backlinks and you will rank. The method that I’ve shared above can be used in any niches, even for highly competitive keywords, you will just need to build more backlinks and add more contents to your sites.

That’s it, I hope you enjoy this case study. We will share with you more SEO strategies and methods that works in 2015, so stay tuned!

To your success,
Maulana T

On Page SEO In 2015

On Page SEO In 2015

Hi, this time I want to share with you some of the most important On-Page SEO Factors in 2015. If your sites have any of the problems mentioned below, then I’m pretty sure that your sites will not rank in google. These factors are very important and need to be fixed asap if you have problems like these.

Here are the list of most important On-Page SEO Factors in 2015:

1. Duplicate Content Monitoring

You will need to always check the most important pages in your site for duplicate contents. I would recommend to use CopyScape to do this checking. Check your most important pages like homepage or any other pages that you want to rank. I would recommend to do this weekly. If you found that your site have duplicate contents, please act immediately and rewrite these contents to be more unique.

2. CTR and Bounce Rate

Google can track your CTR (in google SERP) and your site’s Bounce Rate. If your site have a really low CTR in the SERP, google will lower your rankings. The same can be said with Bounce Rate, if your site have a high Bounce Rate in google SERP, your rankings will get lowered too.

The solution will be to use a more appealing site’s title to increase your SERP CTR and have a great and compelling contents in your site to help lower the Bounce Rate.

3. Keyword Stuffing

This is an outdated on page SEO method and will not work in 2015. Try to get your main keywords density below 4% in any of your most important pages. There are a lot of free keyword density checker that you can use for free, try searching this on google.

4. Minimum of 30+ Indexed Unique Pages

I would recommend 100+ indexed unique pages if you are targeting competitive keywords or making an authority type sites. If you are making a micro niche sites that target easy to rank keywords then 30+ indexed unique pages will be enough to survive future Panda penalties.

5. Long Article in Your Main Pages

In all of your main pages that you want to rank in google, I would recommend a minimum of 500+ words unique article to be put in there. The longer the article (and with more addition like relevant images and compelling videos) will help to reduce your bounce rate a lot and google algorithm will rate your site as high quality.

This post will be updated again later once I found more on-page SEO factor that will be important in ranking sites in 2015. Please post your questions using the comment form below, I’ll try my best to answer these.

To your success,
Maulana T

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