You Can Do These SEO Techniques To Improve Your Website’s Ranking

You Can Do These SEO Techniques To Improve Your Website’s Ranking

Internal links and backlinks play an important role in SEO. Internal links are links from one page to another that are still on the same website. Internal links are useful to help search engines understand the context and relationships between pages on the website.

Google prioritizes websites where the content is connected and the way is through internal links. With an internal link, visitors will be able to move easily to other pages on the website to read content that is still related to their search result, and, of course, this will increase the time visitors spend on your website or blog.

You can also improve your internal links and backlinks by hiring trustworthy seo professionals.

Apart from these two links, you should also pay attention to the SEO plugin. Installing an SEO plugin is an important step that you must take to do your search engine optimization.

Some common features in the SEO plugin include changing the title tag and meta description, changing the permalink, content analysis, and several other interesting features.

There is also an SEO plugin that can remind you if your content does not meet the correct SEO rules.

Next, you must add the website in Google Search Console. This platform is a free platform for website owners to monitor the performance of their website in the organic realm of Google.

This platform, which was formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, allows you to find out which domains provide links to your website, website performance on mobile devices, and website page analysis.

After that, don’t forget to make a sitemap. This is a list that contains all pages of the website that can be accessed by visitors and search engines.

The existence of a sitemap will make your website becomes easier to be found by search engines. The sitemap also serves to provide notification when there is a structural change on the website.

It’s basic but it’s also decisive. There are two types of sitemaps, they are the XML sitemap and the HTML sitemap. An XML sitemap is a sitemap that is accessed by search engines, while an HTML sitemap is accessed by visitors.

Website Owners Must Do These Effective SEO Techniques

Website Owners Must Do These Effective SEO Techniques

It is an obligation for website or blog owners to do keyword research before creating content. Keyword research will help you find relevant keywords for readers. There are some indicators that you pay attention to when doing keyword research, such as search volume, keyword difficulty, SERP, Search Intent, and keyword suggestions. Search volume is the number of searches for a keyword in a certain period of time. Furthermore, the level of difficulty shows how hard it is for a keyword to be able to be on the first page of search results. Then the SERP or search engine result page shows the pages that are ranked in the top 10 in the search results for keywords that are being searched by users. Your website can be there too if you hire a professional seo company.

Then the search intent is what the search engine wants from a keyword. For example, a keyword can have more than one interpretation and Google will prioritize the intent in accordance with the wishes of the user. The last one is keyword suggestion, it is a collection of keywords that are related to the keywords that you are currently researching.

Furthermore, your content must also be appealing to Google. Google is aware of the needs of its users who want complete answers and are able to solve their problems. Therefore, Google began to prioritize complete content to be ranked at the top of search results. To help readers understand your article, please add visual media such as illustrations, infographics, or videos to complete the writing. If the reader is happy with the article, the more likely it is that the reader will share the content link on social media. It’s very interesting, isn’t it?

Aside from the content, you must also pay attention to the keyword. There are two types of keywords based on the number of words in them. They are short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords. The short tail is a keyword that generally consists of one or two words. While long-tail keywords are keywords that consist of three or more words. For example, “the way to choose the finest hosting service”, or “The way to export your website from WordPress to Blogger.” Short-tail keywords do have a greater search volume than long-tail keywords. However, long-tail keywords are able to bring more traffic than short-tail keywords.

Tips for Choosing Professional SEO Services

Tips for Choosing Professional SEO Services

In the midst of increasingly fierce global business competition, ownership of a business website or advertising on social media is no longer enough to survive, let alone develop your business.

Having a website or blog does not guarantee that your business will be ‘seen’ by consumers or potential customers on a global scale.

Therefore, business websites or blogs must be managed with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services from professional seo company.

Searching for SEO services on the internet is certainly not easy, but looking for professional SEO services certainly requires a few tricks.

Any service provider may claim to offer professional services, but if you are not careful, you will only pay a large SEO fee while the results are not visible after months. So, you need SEO services that are truly professional.

Then, how to find it? The following tips might help you:

1. Check the SEO Website

A professional SEO service must certainly be able to prove the professionalism of its services through SEO on its own website. How can they possibly optimize your website or blog if the website itself is not optimized properly?

Start by knowing the SEO performance of the service provider website first. Professional SEO services can be on the first page of search results without using Google Ads. This is where the professionalism of SEO personnel is proven.

2. Check Service Policy

The service policy is related to the website optimization technique used. Indeed, not everyone understands website optimization techniques.

However, they will at least provide a brief explanation of the general techniques that will be used. Therefore, a professional and best SEO service will do the following as a form of service policy:

  • Website Analysis

Before ascertaining the techniques to be used, web optimization services will first look at the condition of your website.

This brief analysis covers the business niche, the intended keywords, and the website’s current position in accordance with the desired keywords for free.

  • Optimization Techniques

In general, there are two optimization techniques that SEO services use, namely SEO OnPage and SEO OffPage. Website optimization services should understand both.

Keyword Optimization of Articles

Keyword Optimization of Articles

Keyword optimization is an SEO technique for optimizing the function of keywords on a web page with the aim of increasing your website’s ranking in search engines. To get maximum results in search engines, we need to organize keywords in the article properly and correctly. Things you should pay attention on keyword optimization are the Title, permalink, and description.

You should focus more on writing keywords in the article than building backlinks that are clearly not liked by search engine algorithms. With a focus on keywords, your article will be more likely to penetrate the highest page rank. Of course, we will also get active visitors, that is, visitors who will give praise if the articles are made good or the information provided is useful.

Next, let us know how to write keywords:

Writing keywords in the title

The title is the main factor of all search results in search engines, search engines like Google always place the title tag in the main search results. Therefore you must make sure to use keywords in the title of your article. The purpose of this SEO on-page technique is to optimize your keywords in the most important and crucial part of the page title or article title can usually be seen in the browser title bar that you are using.

The general rules in making quality titles are: don’t be too long, don’t be too short (min 40-60 characters), include the main keywords and vary with additional keywords, relevant between the title and content, easy for potential visitors to understand and attract search users’ attention engine to visit your site.

Writing keywords in the description

The description is a summary or main snippet of the contents of the article that we made. Writing a good description usually consists of 150 to 160 words. This summary of search results will have good value for search engines. The level of accuracy will be a plus if you always place keywords in the description.

Reasons To Perform Mobile SEO Optimization

Reasons To Perform Mobile SEO Optimization

Internet users via mobile devices are increasing day by day. In line with this trend, online transactions via smartphones will also increase. This fact makes web owners and developers should not ignore Mobile SEO.

Especially if you are an online shop owner. Optimizing your website for mobile users has the potential to increase search engine rankings, number of visitors, and sales.

Being ranked at the top or at least in the top order in the list of search engine results is the main goal of SEO. Search engine optimization or SEO is a technique, tactic, or strategy to make your website in the top search engine rankings.

Since mobile devices are included in Google’s search engine ‘radar’, website optimization is not only limited to desktops (computers) but mobile versions as well. If you need optimizing for mobile seo, you can visit our website.

Optimization on the mobile version of the device not only aims to influence search engine ranking but also makes your website more accessible to mobile users. Thus, your website is comfortable to see, read, and explore via smartphone. Ignoring optimizing a mobile device is a big mistake. Here are 3 reasons why SEO on mobile devices is very important.

– Search Through Mobile Version Devices Increasingly.

Smartphone users have begun using Google search. Previously, they used their smartphones more to access various applications. Thus, the potential of search engine users is not only limited to those who use laptops or computers.

– Google’s algorithm is prioritized for mobile users

Google is the most widely used search engine on mobile devices. This fact makes Google modify its algorithm to further optimize mobile users. As a result, if you want to be ‘detected’ by Google, you must optimize your website for mobile users.

– All Search Results Based on Mobile-First Indexing

If you search from any device, the search results that you display will include search results for mobile devices. As a result, the website that you create is ‘forced’ to be optimized for mobile devices. With Mobile-First Indexing, Google does crawling and ranking based on the mobile version to be used as a reference on the desktop version.

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