SEO Mistakes That Often Occur on Online Store Websites

SEO Mistakes That Often Occur on Online Store Websites

Unlike a blog or website with one main topic (example: cooking website, gadget website, etc.), optimizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on an online store is much more difficult.

Especially if you upload a large number of products, the more problems there will be.

Some online store owners may not pay attention to this, so the seo website optimization of their online store becomes very low and does not rank well on search engines.

Therefore, avoid 3 SEO mistakes that often occur in the following online stores:

1. There is no product description

Online store owners are usually very excited when uploading the latest products, but lazy to make a product description. Actually, if without a description then your product will be very difficult to occupy the first page of Google.

Even if you use low competition keywords, your online store SERP (Search Engine Results Page) will be very high. To avoid this, you should take the time to create a product description with quality content.

2. Copy the factory default description

If you want to know how to get a Google blacklist, then copy/paste the writings of others without editing it first. Likewise in online stores, if you copy the factory default product description, Google will give a plagiarism flag to your online store.

Besides the factory default description also usually has a rigid language and does not sell so it is not suitable for use in online stores.

3. Product title is not unique

Another SEO problem that occurs in online stores is that the title tag is not unique. You might find it difficult when creating unique title tags considering there are a lot of similar items that you sell and even with the same brand.

So you will repeat the same title many times. Google is usually very sensitive to things like this. Therefore, uniquely determine the product title. You should use the “brand – model – type” structure.

Onpage SEO: Shaping Your Website’s Appearance

Onpage SEO: Shaping Your Website’s Appearance

SEO is an important part of online marketing. Every day’s strategies, tactics, and actions that we can take is to support the goals of SEO. Because there is no better way to consistently get more website visitors naturally than with SEO. When you create content and share it on social media, you will get referral traffic for several days. But if you do SEO correctly, then the traffic will be consistent in month after month. How to implement this SEO will provide some simple seo strategies that will help you get more traffic and customers.

You can just advertise on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even on the Google network to bring visitors. But that only applies temporarily, or you need a lot of money to be able to bring your website to stay in the top position of Google search results.

– Follow the Long Tail Strategy

A successful SEO strategy starts with identifying appropriate keywords. If you want to build a sustainable strategy, you can focus on long keywords. Start writing interesting content for website visitors. By writing quality content, you can do more than just improve the SEO performance of your Website.

– Proper Keyword Research

Use keyword analysis to find opportunities by looking at search volume and competition. Please remember, not all keywords must be mastered by you, just enough that is feasible and effective. This will require the A / B testing process by integrating Google Webmaster Tools.

– Place Keywords in the Title Tag of your Page or Post

The Meta Title Tag of your website is one of the most important SEO factors.

– Use Keywords in the Headline of Your Page and Posts

You also have to put a keyword in the title of each page and blog post. Place after the first one to two paragraphs, avoiding more than 70 characters. Write short, interesting headlines (H1, H2, etc.), but also descriptive enough for search engines.

These Tips Can Help You Find An Affordable SEO Service Safely

These Tips Can Help You Find An Affordable SEO Service Safely

When you need to improve the rank of your website on Google’s search result quickly, you definitely need a reliable SEO company. However, such an SEO company is usually expensive. That’s why small business owners with small budgets might think twice before they order such a service. Fortunately, there are a lot of affordable search engine optimization services on the internet today. With many choices, you can choose the one that suits your needs.

However, you must know some tips to choose an affordable SEO service that is safe for your investment, such as:

Its Track Records Are Promising

Whenever you want to choose services that are related to your investment, you need to consider the company’s track records. This is necessary due to SEO services usually involve quite a lot of money. You need to choose the one with a good track record. You must find an SEO company that is confident enough to show its real portfolio on its website. Such a company is proud of their past works, so the owner shows his past clients that have been helped by his SEO company.

Realistic SEO Offers

You need to realize that you’re searching for an affordable SEO service. Therefore, you must understand that there’s a bigger risk when you choose an SEO service package that is too good to be true. You need to make sure that the service you can get is equivalent to the amount of money that you must pay to that SEO company. If it’s actually worth more than its initial price, then you can still receive it without being worried as long as it’s not too extravagant for the affordable price that you have paid. Just remember, if it looks too much for its affordable price, then you must switch to a more realistic SEO company.

It Offers A Decent Warranty

If the company offers you a decent warranty, then it admits that it can help you to improve your website rank, but the warranty won’t be very long due to it also understands that it won’t be as good as some of the most expensive SEO companies out there.

These Are Some Characteristics That Show SEO’s Quality

These Are Some Characteristics That Show SEO’s Quality

An SEO that you use will certainly work well if all the factors that support it also have a good way of working. The number of people who use SEO does make you have to be careful in choosing SEO services.

If you include people who work in the field of lawyers, then SEO can help you with website optimization. however, you also need to know that there are some characteristics that show that your SEO is running well.

– Authority

Is your website authority? No one knows exactly how the search engine takes into account authority and in fact, there may be some signals of authority.

Like you receive many backlinks from quality websites or just from many ordinary websites only? Or signal links from social media and some other factors such as the number of links on the clicks on the website and the old factor of visitors.

Everything plays its own role in the authority of the website. Of course, there are negative factors from this backlink that can lower and make your website ugly in search engines.

– Involvement

These are some things that you must understand. Like how long visitors or users are on your page, what are they looking for, clicking on your list then they bounce back to quality results to learn or get other interesting information?

That this behavior can be measured by search engines and can be a sign that your content is interesting or not.

Conversely, with people spending a long time looking at your content, and the content is the same as other sites and you have outbound links to those websites is another type of engagement that search engines can measure and use as a value for relative content.

– Identity

Search engines have used a lot of ways to verify a writer’s website to write their content. Perhaps the most dramatic attempt is to use the Google Author that came into effect in 2014.

The search engine is also still trying to judge the author to be used as the topic of the author.

This Is How SEO Works In 2020

This Is How SEO Works In 2020

For businesses, the development of technology needs to be anticipated. It’s because there are many brand marketing activities that rely on technology. It’s like when presenting content through social media and also ranking optimization in search engines, it’s usually termed Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, the obstacle of SEO is Google’s algorithm which is constantly changing and then makes the brand need to be adaptive in following the changes made by Google. That’s why so many brand owners make new seo tactics from time to time.

That’s why you must also know more about some important SEO developments to be prepared by marketers in 2020:

Voice search

In 2020, an estimated 50% of searches will be done verbally. This makes the brand need to consider creating keywords with spoken language and not written language. In addition, it is also important to make keywords based on auto-correct which are often recommended by Google. It’s because sometimes, when our pronunciation is unclear, Google will automatically look for it based on the auto-correct. Therefore, SEO experts recommend making keywords with phrases as one normally uses in question sentences, such as “where […]” rather than “address […]”

Hyperlocal result

Local search is increasing day by day. In fact, 46% of searches on Google now are local. That is so that a business that is run can attract attention online, so it is important for brands to increase their popularity or reputation both offline and online. In other words, we need to invite customers to give positive reviews on the internet, because some reports say that Google is developing their algorithm to support businesses with good ranking or review.

Google snippet feature

If we ever googling a question, maybe we will realize that in the search results there is a box that answers our questions, both in written form or picture. This feature is called Google’s snippet feature. On the one hand, maybe this Google Snippet Feature keeps users from entering the site pages because they already get the answers from the box provided. However, when the user is in need of deeper information, the opportunity of related sites to be clicked on by the user becomes greater because of curiosity after reading the points shown by Google.

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