Benefits of Website SEO and How It Works

Benefits of Website SEO and How It Works

Search Engine Optimization (seo) is the process of improving or optimizing a website, or on a website page in order to obtain a good position on the search engine results page. A good SEO implementation will improve the ranking of the website in search engines in various search terms (topics) that are chosen. SEO advantages include:


The Number of Visitors Increases Significantly

Even though your website has a lot of quality content, if it’s never been visited by anyone then it will be in vain. By implementing SEO, you can overcome this. Because those who come through search engines are visitors who are looking for the most relevant information to your business website. This visitor has an 80 percent chance of making a profit for you.



Wider Market Share and Not Targeted

With a well-known website, products can be promoted online, based on targeted and untouched markets. Both in terms of area, interests, customer needs, the national language, and others.


Raise Business Brands

SEO helps lift the image of your business brand in the eyes of consumers. Even though the business is only an SME class, its presence on the first page of search results will add to your credibility. Your product is considered more competent to use.


The way SEO works are as follows:


Crawling is a process of retrieving all pages of a website that are linked to that website.


Indexing is the process of making an index for all pages of a website that has been retrieved and stored in a search engine database. Basically, the indexing process is the collection of words and writings or descriptions that make this page entered in the search engine database with certain keywords.


The search engine performs the process by comparing the keyword into a search query with other pages from various websites that have indexed in the machine database.


Calculating Relevance
The search engine performs the process by calculating the relevance of each page that has been provided for each keyword received.


Retrieve Results
The final step in the search engine system is, take very relevant results from keywords that have been received previously, then display in the list of search engine results that are in the browser.


Why Is Google’s First Page Important?

Why Is Google’s First Page Important?

These days, people will search for products or services on the internet and they use a search engine such as Google. Therefore, you should not be surprised if all online businesses are competing to display their website on the first page of Google search results. However, if you are correct, you really want to display your website on that page, you must really understand SEO, and execute your SEO campaign with effective methods. Unfortunately, not all business people have the time to take care of SEO, and this makes them have to hire the services of search engine optimization (seo) specialist to appear on page 1 of Google.

Why is this page really important? People nowadays want all the instant processes. Therefore, they are more likely to choose online stores that appear on the first page of Google search results, rather than online stores that appear on the second, third, and so on pages. Just try to remember the last time you used Google to search for information. You prefer to click on the search results from the first page, right? Most people want everything to be a fast process, especially for busy people. That is why online business people are trying desperately so that their websites or online stores can appear on the first page of Google.

In addition, ranking is also very important. Even though your online store can be displayed on the first page of Google, you also still have to compete with those who rank higher than you. This is what makes the best SEO company really needed by many online businesses. If you really want to dominate popular keywords related to your business, you should hire a high-level SEO service provider. In addition, you must also consider the company’s ability to maintain a high ranking for your website on Google. Surely it will be very annoying if your website’s high ranking lasts only briefly, especially after you pay dearly for hiring your SEO services. Therefore, choose competent SEO services that can maintain high rankings for your website for a long time.

New Businessmen Must Understand About SEO

New Businessmen Must Understand About SEO

SEO is the most important element in digital marketing. Without SEO, your website or online store will not be easily found by netizens. This is because the majority of netizens use search engines like Google and Bing. When your website doesn’t appear on the first page of a search engine, you are sure that your competition will get visitors on their website or online store. This is because they hire the best seo services. Even if you are a new businessman, you should not let your competitors beat you in terms of SEO as long as you want to compete very competitively.

Although many new business people do not understand SEO, this does not mean you have to follow their ignorance. You have to improve your SEO, so you can compete online better. This is because even if you open a shop in the same city, customers from your city will find your competitor’s online store more easily, while the majority of your customers are just people who know the physical location of your store. Therefore, if you want a higher number of customers, you should hire quality SEO services.

In addition, even if you are able to bring in quite a lot of visitors on your website in your own way, this does not mean that every or the majority of visitors will buy something online from your website. Of course, you should be able to lure potential customers who want to buy goods or rent services on your website. Therefore, you need online advertising that is provided with quality SEO services. Why? Because online advertisements they make for their customers have a high degree of accuracy. So, with the online advertising methods they use, they can display your site on websites visited by people who are most likely to need or want to buy goods or rent services on your website. This is called visitor to buyer conversion. When some website visitors decide to buy your product at an online store that you own, that’s when you make a profit.

SEO Marketing to Increase Sales Conversions

SEO Marketing to Increase Sales Conversions

Conversion rate is a term in digital marketing which means achieving an objective of a marketing campaign. If it’s on a website, then the conversion is meant when the website visitor not only visits but also takes action that becomes your business goal, which is purchasing. The form of action of each visitor is very different and varies on each website.

Starting from making transactions or buying a product, registering membership, subscribing to newsletters, downloading software and so on. Then the question is, how to increase sales conversions using SEO marketing strategies and seo marketing campaigns?

There are many types of keywords that can be used to increase sales conversions, including:

– Branded Terms is a keyword in which there are certain brands. Users usually search the internet using specific brand names in keywords.

– Product Terms is a keyword in which to mention the name of the product. Usually, the use of these keywords is accompanied by a specific brand name.

– Competitor Terms is a keyword that aims to compare one brand with another brand. In general, this type of keyword is used by internet users who want to buy certain products but want to compare the advantages and disadvantages of these products with other brands.

– Substitute Product Terms is one of the keywords that is often used to find other product information as a substitute. The use of these keywords is usually to find alternative other products whose quality is not much different.

– Complementary Product Terms are keywords that mention products but are not directly related to the product you are selling. For instance, you sell a sofa. When an internet user searches for information about home furniture, then it is most likely that your sofa sales conversion is pretty good.

– Audience Terms is a keyword that includes a lot of terms that people might search for on the internet. That is why these types of keywords are quite difficult and need more effort to make a profit. But this can be anticipated by developing lots of keywords that match the products being sold. That way, visitors from these types of keyword categories can be converted into buyers.


Beginners Must Know This When They Learn About SEO

Beginners Must Know This When They Learn About SEO

SEO learning rules are 80% Practice & 20% Learning. The rule requires you to practice more than learning SEO. Why should it be like that? Surely you will ask why you should practice more than study. As you practice more, you will know better how to understand SEO techniques, or you can know more about how to implement SEO and how to learn SEO easily. So it helps you create a better seo strategy in the future.

More practice will create a feel that can help you understand what SEO is and how it works. That way you can understand SEO faster. When you have started to understand SEO through practice you just need to learn new SEO knowledge, and still, you have more practice than theory.

Improve the learning process without having to look for methodological shortcuts. From here you have to know which SEO learning process is lacking in you, Don’t do the methodology or look for the truth of your learning process that is wrong.

Don’t focus on just one SEO technique, so you forget if there are still many techniques that must be learned. You must know which technique that can be mastered quickly and which one that takes a lot of your time.

Of course, you must understand and identify the learning process that you are using, which should be replaced or which should be kept. When you can implement this you will be able to understand SEO for beginners easily. It’s because SEO techniques are broad, therefore you need to improve your way to be able to make your learning process becomes faster.

Nowadays there are many different ways of working, between SEO experts A and SEO experts B have different ways of learning SEO. So from here, you should be able to focus on the SEO techniques that you are working on. Remember that SEO techniques are very broad, so choose SEO techniques that you think are easy to implement and understand.

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