Keyword Research And Content Marketing Are Fundamental Elements In SEO

Keyword Research And Content Marketing Are Fundamental Elements In SEO

Keyword research is something that must be understood and learned by beginners. Keyword research is your main key to getting traffic on your website. Keyword research is a way to find out whether a keyword has a lot of searches or not and find out how the keyword search competition is. The higher the competition makes the keywords will be difficult to be conquered to be on page one, so you can know which keywords to use when creating an article for your seo strategy.

If you ignore this, then you can just write articles with topics that have no search or low search volume. Surely you are surprised, even though the article you wrote is ranked 1, but from the results do not get traffic. Surely you ask why? That is why Keyword Research is very important.

Aside from keyword research, content marketing is an effort that aims to provide benefits to users who have the goal of increasing brand awareness or making users become more familiar with your business. Content marketing is not much different from SEO, so you can learn the Implementation of SEO and Content Marketing at the same time. If you want to be able to master Content Marketing, you must understand how to create quality content for users, due to this is the core of content marketing.

Here are some parts of content marketing that you must know:

Prioritizing Quality Content

Quality of this content including the relevance of the title and content, Information provided, etc. Now you can create content that is liked by users.

Content quantity is not very important

You definitely feel that the quantity and quality of the content are inversely proportional. However, the truth is quality is more important than quantity in SEO. Unfortunately, some website owners tend to be focused on quantity so the quality of their contents decreased.

Focus on the content that you create

You must focus on the content that you create so you can more easily create quality content. Stay focused on your goal of creating content, and don’t think of the quantity of your content too much.

You Can’t Ignore These Fundamental Elements In SEO

You Can’t Ignore These Fundamental Elements In SEO

The first way to learn to understand SEO is by knowing the fundamentals of SEO. By understanding the basics of SEO, you become more easily understand search engine optimization strategy. Well, you should know about SEO Basics first, so what are some of the fundamentals of SEO?

a. Basic SEO Concepts

The essence of SEO is how to be the best for the keywords you want. Of course, when you search for information on the internet you will find websites that are relevant to the information you are looking for. Now from here, you can think about what users are looking for when visiting your website.

The article you write must be relevant or following the keywords you want, and you need some things such as:

The content presented. Here the content becomes the basis and core in SEO. Articles must be relevant and following the targeted keywords. The content must be good too.

Structure and Navigation. The structure and navigation of the website must be clear because this becomes the main part or basic concept of SEO that must be applied. Clear structure and navigation will make it easy for Google to crawl your website.

User Satisfaction. This is one of the things that can judge your website quality. Therefore customer satisfaction and user experience must be considered.

Popularity. You must make your website becomes as well-known as possible.

b. On-Page SEO

For those of you who want to learn SEO for Beginners, you must understand about On-page SEO. Seo OnPage is a search engine optimization that is on a website/blog that is done on the inside, and it can be interpreted as a way of optimizing a website that is directly related to an optimized website.

c. Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is an optimization of external factors that are not directly related to the website. So Off-Page SEO is the opposite of On-Page SEO which is optimization within the website.

You Must Know These Three Things About SEO Traffic

You Must Know These Three Things About SEO Traffic

If your website has good content but minimal visitors, then that is just as meaningless. You have to make sure that the website is able to attract visitors, asking to keep them there for a long time. There are many things you can do to bring in and manage traffic, especially if you hire some of the best custom seo services.

First of all, here are three things you must know about SEO traffic:

Traffic Quality

For business websites, more website visitors change their status to buyers, and it improves the quality of traffic on the website. You can use conversion rates to indicate the quality of your website traffic. The quality itself depends on the type and purpose of the business, but 5% can already be determined as a good conversion rate.

Good traffic is also created by website visitors to find out the products that you offer. If you sell smartphones, for example, people who want to buy fruits are not your target.

Amount of Traffic

Traffic is very important. However, the amount of traffic remains the most basic thing. The traffic is calculated based on the number of visitors who enter and access the site. However, there are still many things that need to be opened and monitored, such as site visitors, page views, and duration of visits.

All previously agreed matters do not need to be calculated by manual methods. You can use tools to analyze website traffic.

Organic Traffic (Not Paid)

The type of traffic supported by most website owners is organic traffic. Apart from being free, organic traffic can also bring in more site visitors or even conversions.

For example, some internet users type certain keywords in the search bar, then click on the link asking for search results. Traffic through these links is referred to as organic traffic.

Even though it looks easy, the competition for organic traffic is tight. Therefore, you must implement good SEO to get satisfying results.

There Are Some Ways To Write Keywords Properly

There Are Some Ways To Write Keywords Properly

Keyword optimization is an SEO technique for optimizing the function of keywords on a web page with the aim of increasing your website’s ranking in search engines. If you want to get maximum results in search engines, we need to organize keywords in the article properly and correctly. You need to know some important things when you optimize your keywords for your search engine optimization.

There are ways to write keywords properly, such as:

Writing keywords in the title. The title is the main factor of all search results in search engines, search engines like Google always place the title tag in the main search results. Therefore you must make sure to use keywords in the title of your article. The purpose of this on-page SEO technique is to optimize your keywords in the most important and crucial part of the page, which is the title or article title and it can usually be seen in the browser title bar that you are using. The general rule in making a quality title is: not too long, not too short (min 40-60 characters), including the main keywords and mixt them with additional keywords, and they must be relevant between the title with the content. So it’s easy for potential visitors to understand it and it attracts search engine users to visit your site.

Then, you must write keywords on the permalink. Permalink is a format that is behind our domain. Permalink has good value if keywords are inserted in it. In other words, permalink can increase the level of relevance of your article. It’s because with this permalink has a big effect on SEO articles besides the title tag. How to optimize keywords on permalink is to use keywords in Anchor Text, then mixt the keywords with a few words to make anchor text.

After that, you need to write keywords in the description. The description is a summary of the contents of the article that we made. Writing a good description usually consists of 150 to 160 words. This summary of search results will have good value for search engines. The level of accuracy will be a plus if you always place keywords in the description.

Try SEO Services and Get These Benefits!

Try SEO Services and Get These Benefits!

Search Engine Optimization or commonly abbreviated as seo is a way or technique for making websites and blogs on the first page in search engines. The search engines referred to here are Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on. Understanding SEO is actually very broad but all of them cover the same thing that is to optimize the website so that it is on the first page of the search engine with the desired keywords.

The term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was put forward by Danny Sullivan and was first used on July 26, 1997, in a spam message posted on Usenet. At that time, search engine algorithms were not as complex as they are now, so they were very easily manipulated.

The initial version of the search engine algorithm was based entirely on information provided by webmasters via meta tags in their website’s HTML code. Meta tags display information about the content contained on a web page with a series of keywords. These keywords play an important role in increasing website page rank. The more precise the keywords that are focused, the better the website ranking in the eyes of search engines. But that does not mean we can just forget the quality of the content in this case. Quality of content is also important to determine the ranking of website pages. It’s good to optimize both, namely focusing on keywords and improving the quality of content/website articles.

If your website is an e-commerce or online business that sells products to consumers, then it will at least increase sales if you do SEO correctly. Being on the page or ranking first in the search engine, your website will potentially be visited by consumers, as well as your products are seen. A few percents of these visits will also lead to sales. Thus, indirectly SEO will also increase sales of your products.

Website optimization or SEO apparently will also have a positive impact on the finances of bloggers. Because visitors grow quickly, it will also provide benefits for the website concerned such as increasing ad clicks and at the same time will increase revenue, especially from Google Adsense ads. The increase in visitors or visitors, the more your ad income increases. Because the potential for ad clicks also becomes very large.

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