The use of images or photos in articles in the content portal or blog becomes very important to beautify and make your article becomes more interesting. In addition, the use of images will also support search engine optimization. However, in principle, the search engine can only recognize text and not recognize the image or photo that is presented. If you want to make search engines identify images or photos that are presented, you need some help from the particular search engine that you want to optimize. This process can become easier if you hire excellent search engine optimization services.

Here are a few ways to increase image effectiveness to support search engine optimization (SEO):

Use relevant captions

The caption is a line of a short text that is used to provide a description of the image or photo in the content presented. Writing down relevant captions will greatly help search engines recognize what the contents of an image or photo that are displayed. To support search engine optimization, you can also use the right keywords when creating captions on embedded images or photos. So, when search engine users enter these keywords, then the image file or photo can be shown on the search engine pages.

Use Alt Tags with the right keywords

Alt tags are HTML tags that can be used to provide a description of the contents of an image or photo file. Short text in the Alt Tag is also used by internet browsers when they cannot display the image. In order for your images or photos to support search engine optimization, you need to insert the right keywords in the short text of Alt Tag, to help search engines recognize an image or photo.

The image file name must be relevant

Image file names are also among the things that search engines recognize. In displaying a photo or picture, do not use file names that contain random characters that are difficult to be read by humans. You can use the file name that directly describes the contents of the image or photo.

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