Topic-Focused SEO Strategy: The Best Way to Increase Ranking

Topic-Focused SEO Strategy: The Best Way to Increase Ranking

The keyword is the prima donna in implementing your SEO strategy and has always been a topic in SEO discussions along with keyword research. However, the algorithm of search engines that cannot be predicted brings a new way of doing SEO. Give more focus to the topic, said to be able to bring better results as the best way to increase ranking even though keywords are still considered quite important. You need to create a better seo strategy starts from now.

Topics can consist of various terms and queries which can be categorized into various areas in the course of the user.

There are several types of content that you can create from a topic such as, content that covers an early-journey from a learning topic, or content where the product or service offered can solve a problem.

Simply put, a topic is an idea in which you have many keywords that you can use.

You can start by making a strategy about the topic you want to focus on. After getting the topic you want to focus on, then you can proceed to the keyword research process.

You will want to expand this research process to include terms that are more semantically relevant to the topic. Not only the main keywords.

You can ask yourself if there are any questions that might be asked about the topic. And do research on these terms. Asking directly with people in your target demographic can provide different insights.

After understanding what kind of content you need to compete, then pay attention to who is in the “space” around your content. If they have a performance that feels good in the space, it will be a good idea to monitor this.

After identifying competitors, it’s a good idea to do a site audit to see how they can stay relevant. There will be info on how they structure their content.

Additionally, you can see how the content is delivered and you can draw some info from this research that you can apply in your strategy.

The Importance of SEO Strategies in Creating a Website

The Importance of SEO Strategies in Creating a Website

When you first decide to create a website maybe you often hear the word SEO. When the number of traffic quality increases, the engagement rate on your website can be ascertained.

If your website sells a product or service, you can be sure SEO will help.

In addition to these two things, SEO strategy also has many benefits.

When building a business, you certainly think of strategies such as what should be applied. You clearly want an effective strategy but it doesn’t easy. If that’s the case then SEO strategies are worth considering. You do not need to spend large funds to be able to get new customers.

With SEO strategies, you just need to rely on some special SEO sites or software that can be used for free. Compare with conventional marketing strategies. You have to pay door-to-door sales, spend money on advertising, and so on.

If you want your website to last a long time, then the strategy to develop it also has to be long-term. Well, it turns out SEO strategy is able to provide such a strategy. The reason is none other than because the nature of the search engine itself is always dynamic and never stops changing.

The list that appears when you do a search with certain keywords through search engines like Google or Bing will certainly change every time. So, you will always have the chance to appear in the top search list.

User experience (UX) is one important element in an effort to increase traffic. The reason for this is directly related to internet users as website visitors.

With the user experience, the engagement rate can go up. Well, you can get this UX with SEO optimization.

With SEO you can get organic visitors which will obviously increase traffic in terms of quality. As a result, your website is not only popular but the products you offer can increase sales.

Know the Benefits of SEO for Your Business

Know the Benefits of SEO for Your Business

For those of you who have a website but don’t get any visitors at all. It could be that SEO is something that you need. The reason is by doing SEO or search engine optimization strategy will help the Website get the top ranking in the search engines.

Because by getting a lot of traffic/visitors on the website can increase Sales. This is the expected result of carrying out the SEO / Search Engine Optimization process.

If you frequently search for information through the Google search engine, you will always open the website that is at the top, right? Because the website in the top 3 usually gets 50% of the total monthly search. And usually contains complete and reliable information.

So, for anyone who has a website and want the website at the top, then start to take advantage of SEO.

How SEO works to lift your website to the top position one of them with the help of articles.

However, the article was not arbitrary, it contained various keywords that were most frequently searched by internet users.

In order to better understand the benefits of SEO articles related to a website, the following explanation:

1. Increase traffic

SEO is a technique that is widely used by the public to increase sales traffic. Many have proven it themselves, after using SEO techniques, the website has increased traffic.

For those who cannot create SEO articles, you can place an order. Now many services provide articles for search engine optimization.

2. Right for E-Commerce sales

The next SEO goal is, to get more traffic for online shops. Search traffic is a facility provided by SEO. By having more traffic, you can get a lot of potential customers.

3. Branding a product

The SEO technique that is still rarely known is the goal of product branding. Lots of bloggers who use SEO so that their product become famous. In fact, many people consider this SEO technique to be of extraordinary value.

This Is How To Choose A Convenient SEO Service

This Is How To Choose A Convenient SEO Service

When you choose An SEO service, of course, you will consider the company’s ability in helping your website to appear on the first page of Google’s search result. However, it’s actually more than just that. There are some other things that you must consider when you hire an SEO service, especially if you want more conveniences and flexibility. Therefore, we suggest you choose custom seo services that are highly adjustable according to your needs.

Here are some ways that you can do when you choose a convenient SEO service:

You must consider the company’s flexibility in serving its clients

You need to have a talk with the SEO company’s representative regarding their services. Is it customizable? Can you upgrade the service package that you’ve ordered? Or is it too stiff according to your dynamic needs? Such things must be asked first before you hire an SEO company if you wish to get more freedom regarding the service that you can get. This way, when things change, you can adjust your SEO package according to your new necessities.

The SEO company must provide a 24/7 customer service

This kind of service is very helpful, especially if the client’s website rank drops suddenly and he wants to get some help immediately. When something like this happens to you, you will feel grateful if your SEO company answers your call even in the middle of the night. This way, they can assist you early, or at least they know what to do even before they start working in the next day. This also helps you avoid excessive anxiety when your website’s rank drops suddenly, especially if it happens due to your competitor’s negative SEO campaigns.

It provides a refund policy

Refund policy can be very helpful, especially for those who want to secure their SEO investment. It’s not a sign of lack in confidence within the SEO company, but it is a measure to ensure the client that the SEO company is willing to take full responsibility if they fail to satisfy the client’s needs in SEO.

SEO Mistakes That Often Occur on Online Store Websites

SEO Mistakes That Often Occur on Online Store Websites

Unlike a blog or website with one main topic (example: cooking website, gadget website, etc.), optimizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on an online store is much more difficult.

Especially if you upload a large number of products, the more problems there will be.

Some online store owners may not pay attention to this, so the seo website optimization of their online store becomes very low and does not rank well on search engines.

Therefore, avoid 3 SEO mistakes that often occur in the following online stores:

1. There is no product description

Online store owners are usually very excited when uploading the latest products, but lazy to make a product description. Actually, if without a description then your product will be very difficult to occupy the first page of Google.

Even if you use low competition keywords, your online store SERP (Search Engine Results Page) will be very high. To avoid this, you should take the time to create a product description with quality content.

2. Copy the factory default description

If you want to know how to get a Google blacklist, then copy/paste the writings of others without editing it first. Likewise in online stores, if you copy the factory default product description, Google will give a plagiarism flag to your online store.

Besides the factory default description also usually has a rigid language and does not sell so it is not suitable for use in online stores.

3. Product title is not unique

Another SEO problem that occurs in online stores is that the title tag is not unique. You might find it difficult when creating unique title tags considering there are a lot of similar items that you sell and even with the same brand.

So you will repeat the same title many times. Google is usually very sensitive to things like this. Therefore, uniquely determine the product title. You should use the “brand – model – type” structure.