Important Elements in Increasing the Power of Your SEO

Important Elements in Increasing the Power of Your SEO

In a sophisticated era like now where almost all of our activities are done via the internet, there are billions of data flowing every day there.

If you are an internet marketer, online marketer, or digital marketer, data is definitely important to you because with data we can find out people’s behavior while surfing the internet, including knowing what they like and what websites they visit frequently.

These data are ammunition for online marketers to market their various products online.

There are several important elements in custom seo that can improve your ability as an internet marketer, one of which is site speed (load time).

Basically, site speed is measured by how quickly it appears in the user’s browser.

There are several factors that also determine the length of load time, such as server time, browser time, file size of a page, and many more. As a website owner, you must be able to ensure that your website can be accessed by users in just 2 seconds.

Why? Website trends state that good load time is 2 seconds, more than that the website conversion will decrease.

But how important is the load time? As an internet marketer, you surely know that load time can improve your SEO.

The faster the load time, the better your website is in Google’s eyes. Remember that Google doesn’t like websites that are long accessed, this will only make your SEO power decrease.

Besides determining SEO, load time also influences user experience. If your website is slow, this will make the user run away before seeing your website and of course, this is a bad experience for the user. So, make sure your website can be accessed as quickly as possible.

How to find out the overall speed of the website? You can use the following tools:

1. PageSpeed Insights
Google Developer Tools (you are given advice on which aspects can be fixed on the website)

2. Quicksprout (full insights)
You can find out the details of the content and SEO website.

3. Pingdom Website Speed Test.

Tips to Make Your Website Attractive

Tips to Make Your Website Attractive

Nowadays many people learn to make their own websites. It is undeniable that many people can do it in today’s digital era. But, how can I make a website that can bring a lot of visitors?

You can use the best search engine optimization services to increase your website visitors. In addition, you can follow the following tips:

– Must be fast-paced

First, the website that you create must be able to more quickly present the latest data. Both in the form of text content, images, and other information that was viral at the time.

Not only that, but you also need to consider smartphone users who might not have connection speed when they visit your website. One of them is by reducing the size of high-resolution content that is easier to download.

That way, you will have a website that can be accessed quickly and is interesting to browse.

– Use a small image

Continuing the first tips, you can reduce the size of the content. Images are also important things that need to be considered by the website owner.

The image size needs to be adjusted, not too big or small. This affects the ease of visitors accessing the website faster.

You can use CSS Sprites to speed up the appearance of images on your website.

If you have several images that will be used on one page, you can use the CSS Sprite to save the image, so you don’t need to download it again when the reader enters the second page.

– Choose the appropriate color

Color is very important for a website, for some people the visual appearance of a website is so important and can affect their interest.

Therefore, you must be careful about what color to use on your website. Plus, the website is international.

Even though you only intend to make a website only for readers in your area, people from outside the area or abroad can still see it.