The Secret to Effective On-Page SEO Optimization

The Secret to Effective On-Page SEO Optimization

In the midst of intense business competition in today’s online world, how do you maximize your voice so that internet users can hear and pay attention to it?

Start with on-page SEO optimization to increase the level of visibility of your website or blog on the internet.

You may have heard this term often, but what exactly is meant by on-page SEO on affordable search engine optimization?

On-page SEO is any effort made to get a higher rating in search engines and increase the number of relevant visitors. The word On-Page here refers to your work area, which is all aspects related to the website such as content and HTML.



Your focus here is to create a website where visitors will feel at home and feel happy so that they will interact more often and longer with your creative business idea.

The more often they interact, the higher their level of satisfaction, and this is what Google is looking for.

Talking about this strategy, then you may be familiar with terms such as keyword density, meta tags, and so on. However, did you know that there are so many other techniques that you can take advantage of?

No need to bother, just take advantage of existing tools such as Google AdWords Keyword Planner to help with proper keyword planning, SEMRush to see which keywords your competitors are targeting, and many other tools.

LSI keywords. At the bottom of the Google search engine results, you will see a selection of words that are similar to the word you are looking for. They are called synonyms or LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords.

The principle here is that you create a website for people and not for search engines. So, make a website that contains things that can satisfy readers.


Create quality content. Create quality content and be able to bring in lots of visitors.

Content like this has the characteristics of being useful, interesting to read, easy to share, written in-depth but still easy to understand, able to solve problems, and is written with the reader in mind.

Do You Know What SEO Is?

Do You Know What SEO Is?

What is SEO? In a sentence, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Understanding SEO is a step or method of optimization that optimizes a site to be in the top position in the search engines.

Google’s main search engine. Why Google? Because it is undeniable that Google is the best and most popular search engine today.

Not only visited by local people, but also by foreign people. Even the number of visitors to this search engine is classified as very fantastic.

Meanwhile, if you need an SEO company that can help your online business, we suggest you call the best seo services.

Actually Google is the most popular and most visited website among other websites. At least this has happened in the past three months. The graph is increasingly uphill, different from before.

SEO or called Search Engine Optimization was first used in 1997 by a spam message posted on Usenet. Obviously, SEO in the past with SEO is now very much different.

If in the past SEO could still be manipulated, now it cannot be done. At that time, Google was also still not made.

Until finally in 1998, Page and Brin founded Google which is an advanced version of the search engine Backrub. And in a short time, Google also gained popularity until it was used by billions of people around the world today.

History has proven that Google is the best search engine in the world. So now Search Engine Optimization is more guided by the google site.

What is SEO for? Why should SEO be used? In accordance with what I have mentioned before. SEO is the optimization of a site so that it is in the top position in the search engines. Of these definitions, of course, you already know not for what SEO is done?

If the site or website is ranked in the top search engines, of course, there are many benefits to be gained. One of them is a drastic increase in visitors.

In addition, SEO is also an alternative way to introduce a website to the entire world without the need for promotion from one place to another.

Although it is not a fast way, at least there have been many that prove that SEO really makes a website much more popular.

You Can Do These SEO Techniques To Improve Your Website’s Ranking

You Can Do These SEO Techniques To Improve Your Website’s Ranking

Internal links and backlinks play an important role in SEO. Internal links are links from one page to another that are still on the same website. Internal links are useful to help search engines understand the context and relationships between pages on the website.

Google prioritizes websites where the content is connected and the way is through internal links. With an internal link, visitors will be able to move easily to other pages on the website to read content that is still related to their search result, and, of course, this will increase the time visitors spend on your website or blog.

You can also improve your internal links and backlinks by hiring trustworthy seo professionals.

Apart from these two links, you should also pay attention to the SEO plugin. Installing an SEO plugin is an important step that you must take to do your search engine optimization.

Some common features in the SEO plugin include changing the title tag and meta description, changing the permalink, content analysis, and several other interesting features.

There is also an SEO plugin that can remind you if your content does not meet the correct SEO rules.

Next, you must add the website in Google Search Console. This platform is a free platform for website owners to monitor the performance of their website in the organic realm of Google.

This platform, which was formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, allows you to find out which domains provide links to your website, website performance on mobile devices, and website page analysis.

After that, don’t forget to make a sitemap. This is a list that contains all pages of the website that can be accessed by visitors and search engines.

The existence of a sitemap will make your website becomes easier to be found by search engines. The sitemap also serves to provide notification when there is a structural change on the website.

It’s basic but it’s also decisive. There are two types of sitemaps, they are the XML sitemap and the HTML sitemap. An XML sitemap is a sitemap that is accessed by search engines, while an HTML sitemap is accessed by visitors.