Beginners Must Know This When They Learn About SEO

Feb 6, 2020 | SEO Blog | 0 comments

SEO learning rules are 80% Practice & 20% Learning. The rule requires you to practice more than learning SEO. Why should it be like that? Surely you will ask why you should practice more than study. As you practice more, you will know better how to understand SEO techniques, or you can know more about how to implement SEO and how to learn SEO easily. So it helps you create a better seo strategy in the future.

More practice will create a feel that can help you understand what SEO is and how it works. That way you can understand SEO faster. When you have started to understand SEO through practice you just need to learn new SEO knowledge, and still, you have more practice than theory.

Improve the learning process without having to look for methodological shortcuts. From here you have to know which SEO learning process is lacking in you, Don’t do the methodology or look for the truth of your learning process that is wrong.

Don’t focus on just one SEO technique, so you forget if there are still many techniques that must be learned. You must know which technique that can be mastered quickly and which one that takes a lot of your time.

Of course, you must understand and identify the learning process that you are using, which should be replaced or which should be kept. When you can implement this you will be able to understand SEO for beginners easily. It’s because SEO techniques are broad, therefore you need to improve your way to be able to make your learning process becomes faster.

Nowadays there are many different ways of working, between SEO experts A and SEO experts B have different ways of learning SEO. So from here, you should be able to focus on the SEO techniques that you are working on. Remember that SEO techniques are very broad, so choose SEO techniques that you think are easy to implement and understand.