These Are Some Characteristics That Show SEO’s Quality

Mar 2, 2020 | SEO Blog | 0 comments

An SEO that you use will certainly work well if all the factors that support it also have a good way of working. The number of people who use SEO does make you have to be careful in choosing SEO services.

If you include people who work in the field of lawyers, then SEO can help you with website optimization. however, you also need to know that there are some characteristics that show that your SEO is running well.

– Authority

Is your website authority? No one knows exactly how the search engine takes into account authority and in fact, there may be some signals of authority.

Like you receive many backlinks from quality websites or just from many ordinary websites only? Or signal links from social media and some other factors such as the number of links on the clicks on the website and the old factor of visitors.

Everything plays its own role in the authority of the website. Of course, there are negative factors from this backlink that can lower and make your website ugly in search engines.

– Involvement

These are some things that you must understand. Like how long visitors or users are on your page, what are they looking for, clicking on your list then they bounce back to quality results to learn or get other interesting information?

That this behavior can be measured by search engines and can be a sign that your content is interesting or not.

Conversely, with people spending a long time looking at your content, and the content is the same as other sites and you have outbound links to those websites is another type of engagement that search engines can measure and use as a value for relative content.

– Identity

Search engines have used a lot of ways to verify a writer’s website to write their content. Perhaps the most dramatic attempt is to use the Google Author that came into effect in 2014.

The search engine is also still trying to judge the author to be used as the topic of the author.