SEO Strategies to Increase the Number of Website Visitors

SEO Strategies to Increase the Number of Website Visitors

Internet Live Stats states, that there are about 5 to 6 billion people who search every day. And Google is one of the most used search engines by users.

Given a large number of search traffic on search engines, it will certainly help increase the number of visitors coming to your website.

It takes skill and persistence in optimizing the SEO of a website. In addition, it took a long time because you had to do A / B testing and continue to innovate according to Google’s algorithm.

But to make it happen, you also need to optimizing for mobile seo in search engines. Here are some SEO strategies to increase the number of website visitors:


Website Optimization for Google’s Mobile-First Index

Given the large number of cellphone users (smartphones) who use search engines, in 2018 Google officially released an algorithm called the Google Mobile-First Index.

The Google Mobile-First Index is one of Google’s assessments in ranking a website that uses the mobile version. Therefore, if your website has a good performance when accessed via mobile (smartphone), then you can rank well on search engines, and help increase the number of website visitors.

Increase Website Speed

Website speed also affects SEO optimization to increase the number of website visitors. A survey from Google said 53% of internet users leave websites that have a loading longer than 3 seconds.

Create Quality Content

Content is one of the elements that greatly affects SEO optimization. The more quality content you create, the more visitors will be happy to visit your website. To create quality content, there are 5 tips you need to know:

– Determine the content topic that you will create.
– Use the right keywords so that your content is easily found by many people.
– Create a catchy content title.
– Create interesting content so that website visitors not only read but also comment.
– Include related links (links that point to other content) to entice website visitors to read your other content.

Why You Need to Use a Better SEO Strategy

Why You Need to Use a Better SEO Strategy

When online competition continues to increase. Plus so many new websites that have appeared. It is important to rethink your business’s SEO and Content Marketing strategy.

Investing in SEO, it seems, remains an important factor. SEO strategy is very important for the future. Whether you use Professional SEO Services or have your own team of webmasters, create a better seo strategy is worth considering.

A website must meet special requirements. Which of course, is determined by search engines like Google. And, this is where the best SEO strategy you must apply because SEO is very important to compete in search engines.


Over time, the factors that determine a website’s ranking on search pages, are changing. Along with changes in the mechanism or how the search engine algorithms work.

Snippets Dominate Click Search

Google has grown. And it’s very fast. What’s more, in the last few years in providing a better search experience for users. One of them, through the Snippets feature.

To take advantage of this feature and drive more clicks to your website, you need to provide clear answers to frequently asked questions on your website.

These are commonly known for their frequently asked questions (FAQs). Featured Snippets are evaluated and upgraded to the top depending on their quality. In this case, absolutely based on Google’s algorithm.

Influencers Should Take Advantage of SEO

People often feel inundated by annoying advertisements and are looking for information they can trust and authentic reviews. This has led to an increase in influencer marketing.

People are much more likely to engage with people they are respected and famous than with advertising. Influencer marketing can be referred to as a promotional strategy, or marketing through influencers on social media.

Like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Blog, and others. This kind of marketing system is quite effective when people are tired of various offers through conventional types of advertising. Hiring or partnering with influencers can help you increase the reach of your content.

SEO Marketing to Increase Sales Conversions

SEO Marketing to Increase Sales Conversions

Conversion rate is a term in digital marketing which means achieving an objective of a marketing campaign. If it’s on a website, then the conversion is meant when the website visitor not only visits but also takes action that becomes your business goal, which is purchasing. The form of action of each visitor is very different and varies on each website.

Starting from making transactions or buying a product, registering membership, subscribing to newsletters, downloading software and so on. Then the question is, how to increase sales conversions using SEO marketing strategies and seo marketing campaigns?

There are many types of keywords that can be used to increase sales conversions, including:

– Branded Terms is a keyword in which there are certain brands. Users usually search the internet using specific brand names in keywords.

– Product Terms is a keyword in which to mention the name of the product. Usually, the use of these keywords is accompanied by a specific brand name.

– Competitor Terms is a keyword that aims to compare one brand with another brand. In general, this type of keyword is used by internet users who want to buy certain products but want to compare the advantages and disadvantages of these products with other brands.

– Substitute Product Terms is one of the keywords that is often used to find other product information as a substitute. The use of these keywords is usually to find alternative other products whose quality is not much different.

– Complementary Product Terms are keywords that mention products but are not directly related to the product you are selling. For instance, you sell a sofa. When an internet user searches for information about home furniture, then it is most likely that your sofa sales conversion is pretty good.

– Audience Terms is a keyword that includes a lot of terms that people might search for on the internet. That is why these types of keywords are quite difficult and need more effort to make a profit. But this can be anticipated by developing lots of keywords that match the products being sold. That way, visitors from these types of keyword categories can be converted into buyers.