Difference between Local SEO and Organic SEO

Difference between Local SEO and Organic SEO

If you already have experience with organic SEO, then be grateful because everything you learned earlier also applies to marketing in local businesses. However, there is a difference between local SEO and organic seo.

The main difference between local SEO and organic SEO is that organic SEO has a global or national audience, while local SEO narrows its focus to a limited geographic market that is located around the physical location of your business.

Local SEO is meant to make a business stand out in local search results. For example, on local business review platforms, Google location maps, Apple Maps, and connected interfaces.

Meanwhile, organic SEO is focused on the superiority of the results generated by traditional organic search engines. The role of this type of SEO is very important in the local campaign of a business. The organic Search Engine Result Page (SERP) localization obtained is the biggest form of personalization that Google does.

The organic authority that local businesses have earned can also affect the rankings of local SERPs. What is clear, both local SEO and organic SEO, are equally important to learn.

Separate Local SEO and Organic SEO Algorithms

The main principle of the difference between local SEO and organic SEO is the existence of separate algorithms, even though the two have many similarities. Likewise, with local businesses, all online brands go to great lengths to convince Google that they have the right to be the focus of relevant searches and stand out in the SERPs.

The difference between local SEO and organic SEO is seen from the concept of proximity. For example, a clothing retailer that has five branches in New York does not need to connect with global buyers to sell all of its wares.

However, the business needs to be prominent in the local organic SERPs so internet users who are looking for clothing and are located close to each branch can find it.

Organic SEO is widely applied by various online brands so that their business can compete in Google’s local organic SERP. This makes the line between organic and local SEO even more blurred.

Best SEO Strategy for Various Industries

Best SEO Strategy for Various Industries

Have you implemented an SEO strategy, but your website hasn’t reached the top position yet? It could be that your strategy is not right.

Make no mistake! Although it can be used in various industries, every industry needs a different SEO strategy. If you are confused about determining the right SEO strategy, you are in the right place. Because we have a good seo strategy guide for various industries.

Why can a website reach the top of the search results? Google has its own way of determining website rankings.

It uses a tool called Web Crawler. This tool is in charge of inputting all website information, saving it to a database, then processing it into search results or SERP. After paying attention to the SEO aspects, you are also obliged to use different SEO strategies for each industry. Why is that? Because every industry has its own characteristics. In terms of SERP, each industry will appear with a different appearance. For example, an online store will appear on Google Shopping, while a news portal will appear on Google News.

In terms of SEO goals, in general, the goal is to get a top ranking in the SERP. But each industry has a more specific goal.

1. SEO for Offline Stores (Local SEO)

Local SEO is an SEO strategy to show a business on local searches. The goal is to make it easier for potential buyers near you to find your business.

2. Online Store (SEO Ecommerce)

Ecommerce SEO strategies are useful for increasing online store rankings in the SERPs. That way, the opportunity to get traffic, leads, and even greater profits.

3. B2B Business

Almost like online shops, SEO strategies in B2B businesses also aim to increase search rankings. The difference is, that the target audience for B2B businesses is more specific.

Therefore, the strategy to spread keywords with a large search volume is not necessarily the right one. Instead, you can target keywords with less search volume while complementing content according to your industry topic. That way you can increase the quality of leads and brand awareness while understanding the real target audience.

Get the Right SEO Services

Get the Right SEO Services

Want your website to be in the top position to get lots of visitors? Of course, you have to use SEO, but in fact, SEO is unexpected and must be imagined by someone who is really experienced and professional. You can use seo professionals services to help increase visitor traffic to your website.

Now, there are many SEO services that offer lucrative promises plus low prices. Never be tempted, make sure you choose a quality SEO service, and professional results to match expectations.


1. Experience

Pay attention to how long the SEO service company has been around and has worked with any clients. The experience of an SEO service company has an effect on the final results of your SEO website. Not infrequently SEO services that offer their services use ads on Google Adwords.

Although this is not something wrong, you should choose the best SEO services through a website that is well optimized and is on the organization’s search engine on Google. You can also find out before deciding to use SEO services. Like asking how long the service has been around and has served how many clients.

2. Reputation

Make sure you choose an SEO service that has a good reputation. It is not only seen from the position on Google but also covers the whole such as how the service works on clients through optimization on search engines. There are many ways you can do to find out the reputation of the SEO services you want to choose.

For example, by asking clients who have used these SEO services. You can also ask some questions on the ads forum, Facebook, and others. You can also see from customer testimonials that can be used as references for valuable items. But be careful because not all testimonials come from real clients, there are also fake testimonials from services to attract clients.

Characteristics of Professional SEO Services

Characteristics of Professional SEO Services

The use of SEO on articles so that the website occupies the top position based on certain targeted keywords. In line with the development of the internet which is widespread and used as a business medium, the need for SEO in articles is increasing.

Being at the top of the search results will give a web-based marketing company greater opportunities to get new customers. Some people take advantage of this high need to offer their services in search engine optimization to internet-based business companies.

To get professional seo company, there are several things that should be considered as follows:

1. Using an SEO service provider site

Various online web media offer the availability of quality SEO service rentals with various kinds of facilities provided. If you decide to look for freelance through an SEO service provider website.

What must be done is to ensure that the website can guarantee the quality of the way to view it, make sure the address, profile, contact, and other identities are valid.

In addition, if the SEO service provider’s website appears on the first page of google. Then make sure you have experience in SEO and compare it with other websites that provide better offers.

Therefore, make sure that the SEO service you have chosen provides both, namely providing search engine-friendly content and a website with maximum protection.

2. Reviews from previous users

Before deciding to choose an SEO service provider, check with users before about the website. If the available reviews have a positive impact or good feedback, the web service provider can be trusted.

If you are not satisfied with seeing reviews from previous users, you can contact one of the users to make sure that they have really cooperated and disclosed honestly on the website.

3. Reliable

In terms of meeting the needs of SEO clients, freelancers are required to provide quality, professional results, and understand the client’s vision and mission. So that clients get the results in accordance with their expectations. If the SEO service provider can make a positive contribution to their company, the client will automatically subscribe to the website.

That way it can generate multiple benefits such as coffers of money and good reviews from service users.

Why Is Keywords Important For SEO

Why Is Keywords Important For SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization forever will not get away from keywords because everyone who is looking for something will type in the search box what is needed in a word or set of words as needed.

Keywords become the source of visitors coming through search engines, and this is the benchmark of successful website optimization that is done by using SEO techniques. Knowing keywords is very important for professional seo services. But not many visitors and no conversions, why?

The first obvious mistake is not using the right keywords for the business.

Keyword used must be in accordance with the business developed and there should be a monitor of the keywords used, whether it has provided traffic or not, how to position the keyword in the search results page? Is the ongoing trend in line with the keywords we are targeting?


SEO can not be separated from keywords because as a source of organic traffic, search engines use “word or series of words” used by searchers of information on search engines like Google.

Google will give relevant or sequence of words used in search engines. Search results will bring up 10 websites on the first page with the highest level of relevancy to what is expected by the person doing the search.

The keyword is a traffic source for a website, when done correctly, the implementation of keywords on your website will provide targeted traffic according to the business.

In accordance with the target you want, for it needs to do keyword research is correct for the keywords used can provide benefits For your business website in the long term. SEO practitioners often mention short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords.

Short tail keywords mean short keywords, usually consisting of one or two words.

While long-tail keywords are keyword sequences consisting of more than two words, can be three, four, Or even five more words.