Learn Deeper About SEO

Learn Deeper About SEO

Before studying SEO in-depth, it helps us to know the definition of SEO itself. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is a process to increase the visibility of your site on the Google search engine.

Broadly speaking, seo services is to help your site be indexed on one page or number one on the Google search page so that it can make your site easy to find so as to increase the number of visitors on your site.

Then, the keyword search process is to find out a list of keywords that your visitors are currently typing.

Furthermore, Google works by showing the most relevant results in the top position.

SEO that you might learn is how to make your site relevant to the keywords that you will target to occupy the top position on the Google search engine, as a result, your site can get a lot of visitors.

For a beginner or newbie in any field, the first step to take is to find out more about the field to be involved in. Likewise in learning SEO for beginners as you are currently doing.

You as a website owner must also know that SEO is a technique for getting ranked on search engines.

Wherewith search engines visitors come to your website.

In this guide, you will learn SEO techniques from basic concepts to implementing SEO. Do not forget to also evaluate the performance which aims to improve for the better.

You want your website to be indexed on page one in search engines right? And your website is visited a lot?

That’s why SEO must be studied.

Is it compulsory to learn? Mandatory for those of you who learn SEO with the aim of:

Professional blogger
Selling products or services on the internet
Business website owner
Online shop owner
Software developer
Professionals who build a reputation

Not only learning SEO but also applying it to your website.

Benefits of SEO for Digital Marketing

Benefits of SEO for Digital Marketing

The following are the benefits of using SEO for digital marketing for your business. Do some people think what are the benefits of SEO for their website? The benefits provided by seo marketing campaigns are actually quite profitable in digital marketing for your business.

Previously, SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is a series of businesses that a webmaster will carry out for a website with the aim of further increasing the visibility of a page on your website for the better in search engines, especially Google.

If a page of your website has a high enough ranking on a search page, especially Google, of course, it will provide an opportunity to be able to increase visitors who come to your website pages continuously.

When we write a keyword on a search page like Google, we can see a list with many websites that use that keyword. If your website/blog page is well optimized, then your website/blog will likely enter the top (positions 1 to 4).

This can make websites that are in the top position will get more visitors when compared to websites/blogs that are less optimized and are at the bottom of the search results carried out.

All digital marketing that is done for a business is definitely in the hope of getting a profit. Various ways will be done by companies to be able to increase profits and develop their companies and businesses, ways that can be done through offline marketing as well as online marketing.

When doing digital marketing, SEO is needed to further optimize your company’s website and blog. The benefits provided by using SEO are also quite promising for your business benefits.

Previously, it was explained that website pages that can be well optimized from SEO will very likely get good rankings in the list of search engines, such as Google. The better your website pages are in search engines, the greater the chances of getting visitors or visitors. That way potential traffic will be easily obtained, this will be a potential customer for your business.

Why is the traffic that you get from Google’s potential traffic? Not all traffic coming to your website will benefit the business you are doing. However, when they can find the website you created for your business in the Google search engine, it works by providing search results based on the keywords that visitors have written.

This means that visitors are likely to become potential customers because they need something related to these keywords.

Why You Need to Use a Better SEO Strategy

Why You Need to Use a Better SEO Strategy

When online competition continues to increase. Plus so many new websites that have appeared. It is important to rethink your business’s SEO and Content Marketing strategy.

Investing in SEO, it seems, remains an important factor. SEO strategy is very important for the future. Whether you use Professional SEO Services or have your own team of webmasters, create a better seo strategy is worth considering.

A website must meet special requirements. Which of course, is determined by search engines like Google. And, this is where the best SEO strategy you must apply because SEO is very important to compete in search engines.


Over time, the factors that determine a website’s ranking on search pages, are changing. Along with changes in the mechanism or how the search engine algorithms work.

Snippets Dominate Click Search

Google has grown. And it’s very fast. What’s more, in the last few years in providing a better search experience for users. One of them, through the Snippets feature.

To take advantage of this feature and drive more clicks to your website, you need to provide clear answers to frequently asked questions on your website.

These are commonly known for their frequently asked questions (FAQs). Featured Snippets are evaluated and upgraded to the top depending on their quality. In this case, absolutely based on Google’s algorithm.

Influencers Should Take Advantage of SEO

People often feel inundated by annoying advertisements and are looking for information they can trust and authentic reviews. This has led to an increase in influencer marketing.

People are much more likely to engage with people they are respected and famous than with advertising. Influencer marketing can be referred to as a promotional strategy, or marketing through influencers on social media.

Like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Blog, and others. This kind of marketing system is quite effective when people are tired of various offers through conventional types of advertising. Hiring or partnering with influencers can help you increase the reach of your content.

Pay Attention to Google Algorithm

Pay Attention to Google Algorithm

Digital marketers should always pay attention to the Google algorithm when implementing an seo strategy so that the site he owns can still be at the top of search engines.

Especially in 2020, it is not only written content that needs to use an SEO strategy, but also images, videos, and even audio files.

High-quality content will be optimized

The most important thing from an SEO strategy in the form of content with relevant and quality topics and content.

Although according to him, Google’s editorial policy is not completely perfect because there is still some poor quality content at the top rankings, we believe that good quality and optimal content will eventually be at the top of Google.


UX and Technical SEO

The next SEO 2020 trend to watch out for is related to user experience while visiting the site. SEO observers say that the experience is shaped from the time the user searches through a search engine, visits the site until the user ends the site visit.

Therefore, it is important for SEO and UX practitioners to pay attention to the appearance of the website, as well as page and site speed because this will have an impact on the satisfaction of the user experience, whether they will come back or not.

Mobile SEO

Many visitors visit the website via cell phone. This trend is what makes SEO Specialists think about how to make their website mobile-friendly and can keep their site ranking superior in search results.

One way is to think about how the appearance of the site can match the display on the cell phone.

Not only mobile SEO must be studied, but SEO Specialists must also learn SERP (Search Engine Result Page) on mobile. SEO Specialists have to look at what search results look like on mobile to find out what they are getting into.

What kind of traffic they expect, and what kind of optimizations can affect the results.

Avoid These Mistakes When Writing SEO Friendly Articles

Avoid These Mistakes When Writing SEO Friendly Articles

Producing articles that are SEO Friendly is not an easy thing to do. There are often some mistakes made by the author. Mistakes when writing articles will have a negative impact on the website and the article itself.

One of them is not getting a good position on Google, it can even be lost. Of course, this will harm your website. You need to know the search engine optimization strategy. Here are some mistakes you need to avoid when writing articles:

Less Attractive Article Title

An article title that is less attractive will have a negative impact on the content of your article. The reason is if your article title is less attractive, it will make readers lazy to continue reading the article. Apart from being interesting, the title should also contain keywords from the articles that you make. So that it is easy for Google to index your articles.


Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is the excessive use of keywords in the content of the article. For example, the text contained in the article content consists of 300 words and contains 70 keywords in it. Many think that using a lot of keywords in the article content will make it easier for Google to index your article.

Even though that is not true at all, using keywords excessively will make the writing difficult to understand. So pay attention to the use of keywords in the articles that you make. No need to use excessive keywords, just use keywords in the title, URL structure, and some in the content of the article.

Related Link Not Found

When using internal links or external links in articles. There are some links that cannot be found. This usually occurs because you entered the wrong link, the link URL has been changed or the link has been removed. Incidents like this will have a bad impact on SEO. It is important to make sure the link is included in your article. Make sure the link is executable and discoverable.