This Is How SEO Works In 2020

This Is How SEO Works In 2020

For businesses, the development of technology needs to be anticipated. It’s because there are many brand marketing activities that rely on technology. It’s like when presenting content through social media and also ranking optimization in search engines, it’s usually termed Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, the obstacle of SEO is Google’s algorithm which is constantly changing and then makes the brand need to be adaptive in following the changes made by Google. That’s why so many brand owners make new seo tactics from time to time.

That’s why you must also know more about some important SEO developments to be prepared by marketers in 2020:

Voice search

In 2020, an estimated 50% of searches will be done verbally. This makes the brand need to consider creating keywords with spoken language and not written language. In addition, it is also important to make keywords based on auto-correct which are often recommended by Google. It’s because sometimes, when our pronunciation is unclear, Google will automatically look for it based on the auto-correct. Therefore, SEO experts recommend making keywords with phrases as one normally uses in question sentences, such as “where […]” rather than “address […]”

Hyperlocal result

Local search is increasing day by day. In fact, 46% of searches on Google now are local. That is so that a business that is run can attract attention online, so it is important for brands to increase their popularity or reputation both offline and online. In other words, we need to invite customers to give positive reviews on the internet, because some reports say that Google is developing their algorithm to support businesses with good ranking or review.

Google snippet feature

If we ever googling a question, maybe we will realize that in the search results there is a box that answers our questions, both in written form or picture. This feature is called Google’s snippet feature. On the one hand, maybe this Google Snippet Feature keeps users from entering the site pages because they already get the answers from the box provided. However, when the user is in need of deeper information, the opportunity of related sites to be clicked on by the user becomes greater because of curiosity after reading the points shown by Google.

You Can Use Images As Content To Boost Your SEO Effectiveness

You Can Use Images As Content To Boost Your SEO Effectiveness

In the world of search engines, content is the number one thing that these engines love the most. This makes them show webpages and links that are generally loved by users. That’s why you must do whatever it takes to produce high-quality content for your website‘s visitors. You must do this if you want to make your website becomes an excellent seo website that is friendly to both search engines and users. However, there are some things that you must know before you use images to boost the effectiveness of your SEO campaign.

First, you must consider the sizes of your image files. File size has an effect on the loading speed of an article or web page. An image file size that is too large will slow down the loading speed. The loading speed of web pages will also have an impact on the SEO of a site. The faster time to load web pages, the higher the site’s ranking related to the search engine results pages.

Furthermore, if your website or blog uses a lot of images or photo files, then you should create a separate sitemap for image files or photos. It can be a solution to optimize the content on search engines. A special site map for image files or photos will make it easier for search engines to recognize and crawl on all the image files or photos.

Aside from that, you should avoid storing images or photo files in a separate directory from the hosting directory and the domain of your website or blog. Image files stored in the same directory will be valued more by search engines when indexing.

Finally, make sure you use the right image file type. Image formats like JPG (JPEG) are the best file types and are also the standard format used on the internet. JPG format images will also provide a good image or photo quality but with small file size.

There are many advantages that can be obtained by an article or content portal when participating images are presented in it. For example, it alone will increase the aesthetic value of the content and it can also optimize SEO performance on websites that you manage.

This Is How To Optimize Images To Support Your SEO Campaign

This Is How To Optimize Images To Support Your SEO Campaign

The use of images or photos in articles in the content portal or blog becomes very important to beautify and make your article becomes more interesting. In addition, the use of images will also support search engine optimization. However, in principle, the search engine can only recognize text and not recognize the image or photo that is presented. If you want to make search engines identify images or photos that are presented, you need some help from the particular search engine that you want to optimize. This process can become easier if you hire excellent search engine optimization services.

Here are a few ways to increase image effectiveness to support search engine optimization (SEO):

Use relevant captions

The caption is a line of a short text that is used to provide a description of the image or photo in the content presented. Writing down relevant captions will greatly help search engines recognize what the contents of an image or photo that are displayed. To support search engine optimization, you can also use the right keywords when creating captions on embedded images or photos. So, when search engine users enter these keywords, then the image file or photo can be shown on the search engine pages.

Use Alt Tags with the right keywords

Alt tags are HTML tags that can be used to provide a description of the contents of an image or photo file. Short text in the Alt Tag is also used by internet browsers when they cannot display the image. In order for your images or photos to support search engine optimization, you need to insert the right keywords in the short text of Alt Tag, to help search engines recognize an image or photo.

The image file name must be relevant

Image file names are also among the things that search engines recognize. In displaying a photo or picture, do not use file names that contain random characters that are difficult to be read by humans. You can use the file name that directly describes the contents of the image or photo.

Consider These When Making SEO Content

Consider These When Making SEO Content

Ensure the quality of the content is the most important thing to get the attention of search engines.

It’s because of the quality of the content that attracts the interest of the public to enjoy it so that it not only increases the flow of visitors.

It can also increase the public’s trust in the content that we make.

Naturally, the authority and relevance of the content source become strong. You must direct your main focus on content quality.

Don’t overwhelm content with certain words or phrases.

It should be enough at least once at the beginning, and once at the end of the content.

It’s because too many same words can also make the content into spam categories.

If you want to prevent such a mistake, we recommend you hire an excellent and affordable seo service.

Prioritizing the quality of the content, strengthen our characteristics in looking at a particular problem or topic.

It’s because our content priority remains the targeted audience, not the search engines.

In addition, consistency is also important in this regard.

Updating channels with content regularly is also a good indicator to determine the relevance of the content source.

In this way, our site will be fresh and always show new content to the targeted audience, it’s also making them have more reasons to come back again.

After that, referring to the original source of information we use from content makes our content channels go deeper into the virtual information network.

Instead of writing “click here”, it’s better to write the name or title of the destination page, and give a link to the word or sentence (usually called anchor text).

The reason is, it can increase the relevance of the content that we serve.

It is most likely the title or words related to the source also contain certain keywords that have value in the eyes of search engines.

How To Make Search Engines Loves Your Content

How To Make Search Engines Loves Your Content

It’s important for your business to attract many people to visit the website or digital channels used by the brand.

For that, one effective way is to perform optimally on search engines or it can be called search engine optimization (SEO).

If it is optimal, the content that we create and serve can be loved by search engines like Google. It makes people find the website easier when they want to find content from brands through certain keywords or phrases they search on Google.

To be optimal in terms of SEO, it’s good we know how it works first so website owners can get organic seo traffic.

According to Search Engine Watch, search engines do their best work by referring users to the most relevant content sources related to certain keywords.

Some things considered by search engine algorithms from content sources are:

– Content

The search engine detects the quality of the content of its theme, textual quality, title, description, and its relation and relevance to certain keywords.

– Performance

Is the content source fast enough? Does it perform well enough?

– Authority

Does the content source have enough content in quantity, and also high quality so it is worthy of being referred by other content sources.

– User Experience

How it looks? Does the related site have easy-to-use navigation? Or do related content sources have a high bounce rate?

After knowing the search engine considerations to determine the source of content related to certain keywords, we come to know what roughly should be our focus for an optimal SEO campaign.

Before creating content, one of the important things that need to be done is researching the keywords or phrases you want to target.

However, keywords are one of the things that search engine indicators identify whether the content is relevant or not.

Usually, in this regard, it is recommended to use keywords that are frequently used by the target audience when they search for certain information.