Basic SEO Components You Should Know

Aug 19, 2022 | SEO Blog | 0 comments

By doing the basics of SEO, you can optimize your blog or website on search engines. If you do a further method, it is not impossible that the top blogs in search engines with the keywords to be targeted may be shifted. After understanding what seo is, let’s just start discussing the basics.

So, What are the three main components of SEO? There are 3 basic components in SEO that you must know and apply when optimizing your blog or website for search engines. The 3 basic components are Keyword Research (Keyword Research), Onpage SEO (SEO Friendly Blog), and Offpage SEO (Backlinks).

1. Keyword Research
Keywords are phrases or abbreviations of words that people usually type in search engines when they want to find the information they are looking for on Google Search Engine. Keywords used by people sometimes consist of one syllable, two syllables, three syllables, or even short sentences, it depends on the search user. Keyword Research is a way for blog owners to find and determine the keywords to be targeted that are relevant to the blog niche they are managing, for the main page and for articles. By doing keyword research, blog owners know what keywords are being searched by Google users and how the level of competition for these keywords is.

2. Build Onpage SEO
This basic component of seo requires that your blog is SEO friendly, aka search engine friendly. A blog has certain standards so that it is easy to be traced and recognized by search engines. In addition, blogs must have benefits and easy navigation for visitors so that they have no difficulty in finding what information they are looking for. This is also called User Friendly.

3. Build Offpage SEO (BACKLINKS)
In simple terms, offpage seo (backlinks) means links from one blog page to another blog. In other words, one blog provides recommendations to visitors to other blogs. The purpose of backlinks itself is clear, to increase the popularity of a blog on the internet. So that the recommended blog has a good chance of being able to compete in Google’s SERP.