Benefits of Website SEO and How It Works

Feb 11, 2020 | SEO Blog | 0 comments

Search Engine Optimization (seo) is the process of improving or optimizing a website, or on a website page in order to obtain a good position on the search engine results page. A good SEO implementation will improve the ranking of the website in search engines in various search terms (topics) that are chosen. SEO advantages include:


The Number of Visitors Increases Significantly

Even though your website has a lot of quality content, if it’s never been visited by anyone then it will be in vain. By implementing SEO, you can overcome this. Because those who come through search engines are visitors who are looking for the most relevant information to your business website. This visitor has an 80 percent chance of making a profit for you.



Wider Market Share and Not Targeted

With a well-known website, products can be promoted online, based on targeted and untouched markets. Both in terms of area, interests, customer needs, the national language, and others.


Raise Business Brands

SEO helps lift the image of your business brand in the eyes of consumers. Even though the business is only an SME class, its presence on the first page of search results will add to your credibility. Your product is considered more competent to use.


The way SEO works are as follows:


Crawling is a process of retrieving all pages of a website that are linked to that website.


Indexing is the process of making an index for all pages of a website that has been retrieved and stored in a search engine database. Basically, the indexing process is the collection of words and writings or descriptions that make this page entered in the search engine database with certain keywords.


The search engine performs the process by comparing the keyword into a search query with other pages from various websites that have indexed in the machine database.


Calculating Relevance
The search engine performs the process by calculating the relevance of each page that has been provided for each keyword received.


Retrieve Results
The final step in the search engine system is, take very relevant results from keywords that have been received previously, then display in the list of search engine results that are in the browser.