Keyword Research And Content Marketing Are Fundamental Elements In SEO

Feb 5, 2020 | SEO Blog | 0 comments

Keyword research is something that must be understood and learned by beginners. Keyword research is your main key to getting traffic on your website. Keyword research is a way to find out whether a keyword has a lot of searches or not and find out how the keyword search competition is. The higher the competition makes the keywords will be difficult to be conquered to be on page one, so you can know which keywords to use when creating an article for your seo strategy.

If you ignore this, then you can just write articles with topics that have no search or low search volume. Surely you are surprised, even though the article you wrote is ranked 1, but from the results do not get traffic. Surely you ask why? That is why Keyword Research is very important.

Aside from keyword research, content marketing is an effort that aims to provide benefits to users who have the goal of increasing brand awareness or making users become more familiar with your business. Content marketing is not much different from SEO, so you can learn the Implementation of SEO and Content Marketing at the same time. If you want to be able to master Content Marketing, you must understand how to create quality content for users, due to this is the core of content marketing.

Here are some parts of content marketing that you must know:

Prioritizing Quality Content

Quality of this content including the relevance of the title and content, Information provided, etc. Now you can create content that is liked by users.

Content quantity is not very important

You definitely feel that the quantity and quality of the content are inversely proportional. However, the truth is quality is more important than quantity in SEO. Unfortunately, some website owners tend to be focused on quantity so the quality of their contents decreased.

Focus on the content that you create

You must focus on the content that you create so you can more easily create quality content. Stay focused on your goal of creating content, and don’t think of the quantity of your content too much.