There Are Some Ways To Write Keywords Properly

Feb 1, 2020 | SEO Blog | 0 comments

Keyword optimization is an SEO technique for optimizing the function of keywords on a web page with the aim of increasing your website’s ranking in search engines. If you want to get maximum results in search engines, we need to organize keywords in the article properly and correctly. You need to know some important things when you optimize your keywords for your search engine optimization.

There are ways to write keywords properly, such as:

Writing keywords in the title. The title is the main factor of all search results in search engines, search engines like Google always place the title tag in the main search results. Therefore you must make sure to use keywords in the title of your article. The purpose of this on-page SEO technique is to optimize your keywords in the most important and crucial part of the page, which is the title or article title and it can usually be seen in the browser title bar that you are using. The general rule in making a quality title is: not too long, not too short (min 40-60 characters), including the main keywords and mixt them with additional keywords, and they must be relevant between the title with the content. So it’s easy for potential visitors to understand it and it attracts search engine users to visit your site.

Then, you must write keywords on the permalink. Permalink is a format that is behind our domain. Permalink has good value if keywords are inserted in it. In other words, permalink can increase the level of relevance of your article. It’s because with this permalink has a big effect on SEO articles besides the title tag. How to optimize keywords on permalink is to use keywords in Anchor Text, then mixt the keywords with a few words to make anchor text.

After that, you need to write keywords in the description. The description is a summary of the contents of the article that we made. Writing a good description usually consists of 150 to 160 words. This summary of search results will have good value for search engines. The level of accuracy will be a plus if you always place keywords in the description.